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This Service Award Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers (VOLSAP) was created by state statute, specifically § 51.1-1200–51.1-1211 of the Code of Virginia, to provide a mechanism by which the state could facilitate optional retirement savings for volunteer firefighters and rescue squad workers throughout the Commonwealth.

A VOLSAP member's account is funded through a combination of the member's contributions and optional contributions made by the department for which the member volunteers, and/or General Assembly appropriations on the member's behalf. There are no General Assembly appropriations in the current budget.

A program such as this cannot be effective without the cooperation of members of the departments and squads, especially those who are assigned to process the paperwork associated with the fund. The goal of the Board and staff is to make this service award program available to all those dedicated members around the state who wish to take advantage of it.